If overlooked to the northeast from the spiritual peak of Profitis Elias, Amorgos appear as a gigantic reptile supervising the wild Aegean Sea. For millenniums, the reptile has hosted Cycladic, Ionian, Athenian, Egyptian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. It has witnessed highly sophisticated cultures emerging, just to fall prey to savage pillage and slaughter by pirates’ years later. Here, were east meets west, local and foreign elements have melted together by the relentless sun. The Amorgians traditional relationship based on solidarity during difficult times formed a good basis for legislation and cultural development.

We think that this is the place where the leaders of tomorrow shall meet with the leaders of today and where classical science shall be challenged by unrevealed mysteries. In an Amorgian continuum, we will gather people from all over the world to be inspired by nature, endless discussions and silence. We are the Friends of Amorgos.

Our mission is to arrange trips to Amorgos for members. During these trips we will spend time in the breath-taking nature whilst exercising our bodies and souls. We will share and shed light on existence and leadership. Initially these summits will be on invitation only, but if you are interested to become a Friend of Amorgos please send us a note. Leadership corner is an area for members where you can post your personal thoughts and maybe also recommend interesting reading on Existential Leadership.

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